maandag 14 mei 2012

I'm feeling summer!

-my outfit on 7may2012-
skirt: Patricia Pepe (gift)
top: La Gaviotta
cardigan: H&M
boots: A.F. Vandevorst (gift)
necklace: H&M


I want to start blogging again, I always say it, but now it's serious.
I want to blog about fashion, art, friends and life.

Random facts about me:

-My real name is Julie Thyssen
-I'm 19
-I study 1 year of fashion right now @ Ski Ottogracht in Ghent, Belgium
-Next year, I want to study fashion at KASK, the great School Of Arts in Ghent.
-I am a blond girl (as you can see), my hair is my proud ;)
-I have a very mixed style, from grunge to girly
-I really love fashion and clothes
-I listen to alternative music, indie and bands with powerful women such as plastiscines, florence and the machine, the pretty reckless... but I also have a weird fascination for glamrock/glam metal bands :)
-I love art and I love to draw
-I like to watch Gossip Girl, Sex and the city, 90210 and How I met your mother
-I really love my friends and family
-I can't live without my blackberry, ipod and laptop
-I try to live healthy, drink lots of water
-I love animals and I want to have a cat, but my parents don't allow me to take one :)

This weekend was really nice, it was my brothers birthday and my dad baked 5 pies!


That was it for today.

lots of love,

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